The Dojo

The dojo is a sacred place of self discovery. It is a place to purify the mind and the body through difficult training and disciplined reigi or in western terms etiquette.
We are very honored to be part of So Budo Kai  which gives us a dojo that was built from the ground up as a dojo and serves that purpose solely. Walking through the doors there is a feeling that this is a place that has been built on perseverance. Perseverance on building, operating and training


Fudo no Nami Aikido places great importance on etiquette and spirit. This simple act which shows respect to all in class and the dojo itself is paramount to successful training. In essence it truly boils down to simple manners and control of oneself in any environment. If we can control ourselves in the dojo under intense training, we can control ourselves in everyday life.


The charge of Fudo no Nami Aikido is to make available to all, with a willing and humble spirit, the essence of Aikido as a martial art in a changing world.

To take the philosophy that Aikido was first cast with and enhance this through dedicated consistent practice to make sure, in this modern era, the martial essence is not lost to those wanting to learn.

Fudo no Nami Aikido uses the immovable wave as a symbol to relate the constant moving of the body with the strength of Ki as a wave making its way to the shore to release this energy with control and focus at the appropriate timing for full strength of technique. Each and every time.