Chief Instructor

The Chief Instructor at Fudo no Nami Aikido is Shihan Richard Keys

Shihan Richard Keys

Shihan Keys started Martial Arts at the age of 16 living in Ireland where he was born. His first art was Nihon Ryu Jiu Jitsu under Sensei John McCartney. On a trip to the United Kingdom for testing in 1988 Keys was first introduced to Aikido both in practise and demonstration from Sensei Mike Sheridan of the Aikido Research Foundation. This began his journey in Aikido which brought him to this present day.

University years Aikido was practised sporadically at Queens University Belfast when studies allowed. After emmigrating to the USA in 1997 and a number of years without practise Keys finally settled in the Northeast FL region and found Aikido of Jacksonville under the tutelage of Kyoshi Perry Lambert

Aikido of Jacksonville dojo moved to SoBudo Kai Honbu Dojo in 2010 when Keys also began training in Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo under SoShihan Sakimukai at Kenbukan Iai-do

SoShihan Sakimukai, Richard Keys
2017 Gasshuku Banquet

In 2015 Shihan Keys took the reins of Aikido of Jacksonville to begin a new chapter on his Budo Path.  Aikido was humbly accepted as the “5th -do” at So Budo Kai Honbu dojo sharing the common Budo with Iai-do, Karate-do, Jo-do and Kobudo

The name Fudo no Nami Aikido (Immovable wave Aikido) was established in 2017 to describe Shihans’ philosophy and style of Aikido embodying strength, direction and flow of an ocean wave as it makes its way to the shore

Current Rank and Titles held by Keys Shihan

So Budo Kai Honbu Dojo –

  • Aikido 5 Dan, Shihan
  • Mugai Ryu Iaido 4 Dan