There are no beginners classes at Fudo no Nami Aikido. New students assimilate into the classes and learn and practice the same techniques as those that have been attending for many years.

Fundamentals known as “Kihon” are practiced with every technique. Aikido is made up of layers to daily practice. Techniques done at higher speeds when the student is able to keep  their one point, relax their body completely, keep their weight underside and extend Ki are little more than basic techniques that have been worked at diligently over the years. As a student progresses, layers of understanding will be added as they are discovered. This is what makes Aikido an never ending study throughout a students progression

Care is taken to introduce students to the art of falling known as Ukemi.  If a long study of aikido is desired the student must become comfortable with falling as this is an integral part of the art.